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Cost per action (CPA)

net-investing  .Cost per action (CPA)

Cost per action/cost per conversion (CPA) or pay per action/pay per conversion (PPA) and  is an online advertising pricing model where the advertiser pays for a specified action, for example a sale, click, or form submit.

How (Cost-Per-Action) work

CPA: Is one of the famous marketing methods in the Internet. Its philosophy depends on the advertiser paying a certain amount of money to the Advertising/Publisher after the visitor or the customer to complete a particular job

Or in the most appropriate terms the party providing the money. You may be a person, or a company. The advertiser usually has products such as refrigerators, cars, food, sports machines, etc., or services such as transportation, insurance, training, education, child care, website... etc. Of course, the advertiser's goal is to sell and promote as many products or services as possible, and to do so people need to buy his services. In order to receive these people must pay the publisher to make a declaration.

A person or company may be the target of marketing and defaming the products and services of the advertiser in exchange for a sum of money.

As an advertiser in (CPA) You will promote the product or service by making offers. So that you pay a sum of money you specify in advance for each action done by the visitor As an Advertising/Publisher you will market advertiser offers and get a percentage of money whenever a visitor does action and this action like click, or form submit determined by Advertiser.

Some Cost per action (CPA) sites

How to create MaxBounty account

MaxBounty 1

Click here to go to the website
Complete 6 steps to register. after completing the registration, wait for a telephone call from the company. In this call, the company makes simple interview.

After interviewing, you waited for two or three days.

MaxBounty 2


MaxBounty 3

select traffic type (1), countries (2) and category (3) to search campaigns and after click search campaigns select any campaigns and you are finished

Your account will be blocked from the site. if you have fake clicks or fake traffic

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