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Earn by doing surveys

net-investing  .Earn by doing surveys

You get money for your opinion of a product or service for companies that are interested in collecting information from people with specific characteristics such as a specific age group or geographical area in order to improve existing or new services or products (marketing research) based on the opinions of the members of the research sample through your answer to some The questions and the process that are called taking surveys take from your time a few minutes to earn them an amount of money 

There are many legitimate survey companies out there, and money to be made. Which, of course, means that there will be unscrupulous people out there as well, looking to nab some dollars without working for it.

Some legitimate survey companies

How to create instagc account

you can sign up by using your social network account or by fill and complete the required field and click sign up
click here to go to instagc website

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instagc 2

Fill out the form with your personal information. You'll need to enter your name and all of this information is required in order to create your account.

instagc 3

Check your email to verify. After registration, companies will email the email address you’ve provided to verify. Open this email and activate your account to confirm.

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go to your email to confirm your email address

instagc 5

it may be take some time (72 hours) and after that your account is activated

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