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How to create Ebates account

net-investing  .Ebates 1

Enter your e-mail address and password and do not forget to choose your gift as in the form of login card with $ 10 and then choose

Now that you have created this account you will see it after logging in

Ebates 2

Product Categories On the left, choose the type of product, shop or seller and buy your product and get a percentage of its price

You can use the top search box to search for a product, shop or coupon, or choose the type of product you would like to buy from the label on the left

For example you have chosen to categorize games and toys things like that it will show you like this picture

Ebates 3

You'll see the name of the seller or department store and the percentage of profits you get when you buy the product, choose which store you prefer, of course, the highest profit or return
After that You will see the following picture and it will take you to the purchase page

Ebates 4

You will find a page to buy from them, always when you enter the purchase page or the store site you will find this shows the prices of the products you have chosen
Browse the site and select your item and click as you mentioned Checkout If you want to pay for the goods and ship them, choose View Cart To view the products you have selected, select shopping cart to pay the price and shipped

Note :
You can buy many different products and quantities of the same product

Once you complete the process, you have a balance in your account at 10% of the product price

Ebates 5

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