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How to create freelancer account

net-investing  freelancer

click hire to go to the site
Click I want to work

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you can sign up by using your Facebook account or by fill and complete the required field and click create account

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after that you select skill you have and you want to use it in your work (max 20 skills)

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it is not must all 20 skills at the same field you can select from all categories if you want that

net-investing  freelancer 5

you can verify your payment method or you can click skip for now

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after that you need to go to your email to active you account

net-investing  freelancer 7

click verify your email

net-investing  freelancer 8

after verify your email this page will appear to you to tell you you are successed

net-investing  freelancer 9

go to your profile to edit your profile and write more information about your self and your work and your skills

net-investing  freelancer 10

it prefers to have more than one verification to make people feel more secure about you and the opposite is also true .you have to see the employer rank and the numbers of verification the employer has

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you can get a certificate from Freelancer website about your skill by doing a skills test.
skill test is a short test prove to the employers you are to qualify and increase your chance when you bid

How you can get your contests/projects from website

to start work and earn money you need to select a suitable project according to your skills

you can select your project by click this icon

net-investing  freelancer 12
net-investing  freelancer 13

when you click you will see some project and you can click on view project feed to see more project

net-investing  freelancer 14

or you can search for project after you write your skills and select project

net-investing  freelancer 15

when you select a project this page will appear. from this page you can see
Bids: number of freelance apply for this project
Project Budget: the range of money the employer can pay for this project
Skill required : skill this project needs to do this project
and you can see if project open or not and how many days are left

click Bid on This Project to apply for this project

net-investing  freelancer 16

you select how much money you want to do this project and how many times you need to complete this project
in this page you can see freelancer project fee-you can not change that-and if you want the employer see your bid at the first click Sponsor My Bid and it will cost you extra money
then click Place Bid

net-investing  freelancer 17

you write why you the best candidate for this project and after you finish click Submit Proposal

net-investing  freelancer 18

and now you have completely finished 

net-investing  freelancer 19

if you want to know hat happen to your bid -if you have one or more- you can go to My Projects page and click Active Bids to see the status 
of each bid

Explanation of ways to withdraw the balance from the site

net-investing  freelancer 20

go to your BALANCES
click Withdraw Money

go to your BALANCES
click Withdraw Money

net-investing  freelancer 21

after you click you see four methods to withdraw your money select any method you want

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