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Genesis Mining


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How mining and open account in genesis-mining site

Mining by using Cloud Mining

net-investing  genesis-mining

click here to go to the website
click start mining now

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Write your email and create your password to sign up

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  1. Purchase plans from the site

  2. payouts

  3. My account, where you find an editable list on the two persons file and a list of the referral program, followed by a list of what you ordered from the purchases, followed by the last of the site's correspondence

  4. List to enter the purchase of the site, and have 3 plans

net-investing  genesis-mining
net-investing  genesis-mining 5

As you see there are 3 investment plans, invest in the plan that suits you

  1. The first plan is a plan to invest in mining machinery for life

  2. The second plan is an investment plan for one year The plan is also for one year

  3. Third Plan The plan is also for one year

net-investing  genesis-mining 6

After you choose investment plan
All you need is to set the value by dragging the cursor to the right as in the image

After selecting the Hash Power you want, immediately choose how you will pay for what you bought. The site accepts payment by bank cards or via Wi-Fi or pay by Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin or Dogecoin

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