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How to create Just Answer account

Is one of the most famous sites in this field where you can ask any question you want and is answered by experts

net-investing  .Just Answer

to go to the website click here

Just Answer 2

at the end of the home page you find you will see Become an Expert click it

Just Answer 3

 after that click Apply now

Just Answer 4

This box appears for you to register
After registering you can choose the field you want - you can have more than one field and raise your resume and history as an expert and your level of education - you must have a bachelor's degree or two years of experience in the field you have chosen - and will be a simple test of 4 or 5 questions in the field or fields You have selected
Your account is ready

Payment method on site

The money is paid when the person who asked this question accepts the answer you gave. Initially, the ratio is 20%, then gradually increases to 50%. After the amount in your account is $ 20 or more you can withdraw

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