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How mining and open account in MinerGate site

Mining by using a computer (Hardware mining)

net-investing  MinerGate

click here to go to the website
Click sign up

net-investing  MinerGate 2

Write your email and create your password to sign up

 Go to Dashboard and send activation email to activate your
 After activation, go to Download Tab and Download mining program.

net-investing  MinerGate 3
net-investing  MinerGate 4

You can download mining software for various operating systems such as Mac or Linux or Windows


After downloading the mining program, install it, run it, and log in with the email and password you used to register on the site

net-investing  MinerGate 5

Wallet: Your wallet is in the mining program
Smart mining: Themining program will choose the appropriate currency for your machine's possibilities and start mining. Determine the number of core used for mining. Not all of them use only one or two core so as not to overload your computer
Mining: Here you choose the currency you want to mining
Benchmark: Measure your device
Achievements: A set of grades that we get through currency mining and when you get all the ranks you will get a gift from the site

net-investing  MinerGate 6

As you can see, you can choose the currency and the number of CPU cores

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