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How to create neobux account

net-investing  .neobux

Click here to go to the website
Click register

neobux 2

Fill out the form with your personal information. You'll need to enter your name and all of this information is required in order to create your account.

neobux 3

Do not close this page and go to your email to copy the code

neobux 4

Copy and paste this code from your email

neobux 5

Congratulation you finish and active your account

neobux 6

login to your account

neobux 7

that is your account and to view advertisements click view advertisements

neobux 8

view advertisements page and you total 14 advertisements 4 you have to click it all -orange advertisements - to can have your profit from referral .

neobux 9

to see the ad click on it and will appear red dot click it

neobux 10

your ad will appear and you wait until o complete and become black color 

neobux 11

now you have your money in your website account and you can close the ad


referral neobux 12

Neobux has two types of referrals

  1. Rented Referrals

  2. Direct referrals

referral neobux 13

Direct referrals
go to banners to get your link as you see, you have to wait 15 days and having at least 100 clicks credited to get your link

referral neobux 14

Rented Referrals
Rented Referrals: is a service provided by this company, you can provide your effort because it offers a wonderful service that avoids the fatigue in bringing people to register on your way. You can invest your profits from clicking ads to hire people who have already registered on the site to be your profit and earn profits like they win As a commission
Their profits will not be affected, but the company will give you a commission on their profits

referral neobux 15

select any number of referrals you want it. when the amount of referral increase the cost increase

net-investing referral neobux 16

in this example, you select 3 referrals after you select it you can see the statue of referral


net-investing  AdPrize

This system in neobux when you click advertisement you have per one advertisement  3 or 4 AdPrize

net-investing  AdPrize 2

when you click AdPrize you win a gift or not -in this picture you did not win-.

net-investing  AdPrize 3

in this picture you win a gift

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