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Sell product design

net-investing  Sell product design

If you have a talent in drawing and design and do not have the money to achieve what you have designed on the products this method is suitable for you. I am talking about simple products such as shirts, mugs etc.
Here are a set of sites that allow you to view your digital store which contains various product designs. When people buy any product you will get the money
After you subscribe to the site, you will print your design on cups, bags, bags, plastic cups, middles and many other things. Whatever your design is, you will achieve a lot of sales and therefore a lot of profits for you.

Some sites you can earn from sell product design

How to create CafePress account

net-investing  Cafe Press

Click here to go to the site
click sign in

net-investing  Cafe Press 2

you can sign up by using your social network account or by fill and complete the required field and click sign up

net-investing  Cafe Press 3

Fill out the form with your personal information and when you finish click join now

net-investing  Cafe Press 4

website ask you for a new user agreement if you agree click i accept

net-investing  Cafe Press 5

as you see your profile 20% complete to complete your profile click ( fill out your payment details in order to ........) above activity

net-investing  Cafe Press 6

you can select any method of payment you want between PayPal or by check
and after that fill contact information form

net-investing  Cafe Press 7

at the end of page if you US citizen,US green holder or US resident you must submit a completed W-9 form
to get W-9 form click button W-9

Open a shop

CafePress offers three kinds of shops: Basic, CafePress and Premium. Basic and Premium Shops

  1. Basic Shops are free, and you can set up as many as you want, but you're limited to selling only 1 product in each shop. You can, however, promote your shop in the CafePress Marketplace, and CafePress does provide other promotional tools to help you promote your shop.

  2. CafePress Shops are also free, but CafePress determines the retail prices for items in your shop; you get a 10 percent commission on each sale. The range of products you can choose to sell is more limited than in a Basic Shop, and you're not eligible to receive a performance bonus or to be listed in the CafePress Marketplace.

  3. Premium Shops charge a monthly, quarterly or annual fee for the shop; however, you can choose to sell any of the products CafePress offers and different products from the same shop. You also have a choice of pre-made designs for your storefront or the ability to create your own design, as well as the ability to organize your products in categories.

net-investing  Cafe Press 8

click shop to open and create your shop

net-investing  Cafe Press 9

complete 4 steps and you are finished

Make your design and sell it

net-investing  Cafe Press 10

go to sell your designs and click get started

net-investing  Cafe Press 11

click design your own

net-investing  Cafe Press 12

choose your product

net-investing  Cafe Press 13

for example you click Men's T-Shirts

net-investing  Cafe Press 14

select dark t shirt

net-investing  Cafe Press 15

write or put graphics and hen you finish click I'm finished

net-investing  Cafe Press 16

then place your order

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